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At Shepherd’s Landscape Supply we strive to provide quality nursery plants for the professional landscaper and garden center customers.  Our nursery stocks an impressive variety of native, ornamental and shade trees, shrubs, groundcovers, annuals and perennials.

Shepherd’s has a wide variety of field grown trees that are here for your projects. Please call us or stop by our nursery to view our inventory.





We also offer the following landscaping products:

DADDY PETE CertifiedDealer_StickerDaddy Pete’s Products

  • Daddy Pete’s Composted Cow Manure
  • Daddy Pete’s Potting Mix
  • Daddy Pete’s Raised Bed Mix
  • Daddy Pete’s Nursery Blend
  • Daddy Pete’s Lawn & Garden Soil
  • Daddy Pete’s Planting Mix



      Espoma Organic Fertilizers


    • 0-0-0 Espoma Soil Acidifier
    • 2-1-3 Espoma Iron Tone
    • 4-3-2 Espoma Rose Tone
    • 4-3-3 Espoma Bio-Tone
    • 4-6-4 Espoma Holly Tone
    • 5-3-3 Espoma Plant Tone


  • Drainage Supplies
  • Soil Ammendments
  • Edging
  • Lawn Seed
  • Fertilizer
  • Spreaders
  • Tools
  • Ball Carts


Shepherd’s also offers delivery!

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If you have questions or if you are looking for a specific plant, please call us at 704-399-1226.